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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What do I need to redeem my vehicle?

A: The registered or legal owner and government issued picture ID.  If you are not the registered owner you can redeem if you are in possession of a written permission slip from the registered owner with a copy of the registered owner's picture ID as well as your own government issued ID. If this is a new vehicle to you we can release with a signed off title or dealership paperwork in your name.

The balance owed on the vehicle. Payable by credit card or cash. Credit card holders must be in office.  We do not accept payments, vehicle must be paid for and removed at the same time.

Exception: A recovered stolen vehicle will require that you bring in proof of ownership paperwork as well as picture ID.  RE: title or the registration and current insurance card in your name.

Rental cars require a release from the rental company before the vehicle can be released to a driver.

Q:What is considered proof of ownership?  
A: A current title or a Washington affidavit in lieu of title or a current registration with insurance card in your name.  
A bill of sale is not proof of ownership as well as the registration of a vehicle alone is not acceptable as proof of ownership.

Q:What if my ID or paperwork is in the vehicle?
A: We will send a representative from our company out to the lot to retrieve them out of the vehicle.  ID and/or paperwork must match person in office and/or vehicle in question.

Q:Why should I file a report of sale?
A: According the Washington State Department of Licensing's website a report of sale does NOT transfer ownership, but it will release you from legal liability if you file the report properly. If you do not file a report of sale, you may be held liable for parking tickets, impound fees, and other financial liabilities incurred by the new owner until they transfer the title into their name.  Report of sales are required to be filed within 5 business days of the sale or releasing interest in the vehicle.